Sustainable Agriculture

Big Ag corporations have been controlling what has been applied to soil for several decades now. This has taken a toll on arable land as chemical fertilizers have inundated the soil and decreased soil diversity and health. Yield increases have tapered off, soil fertility is poor, topsoil is being eroded at historic rates and the only ‘advertised’ way to resist pests/diseases is to blanket your crop in a chemical cocktail of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides

We are finally starting to see innovation in the agricultural space that utilizes organic ingredients and adapts them to modern farming systems. ALC Bio Innovations allows farmers to transition to organic, regardless of their scale and budget. It is not a one stop cure all, but rather an engine that kick starts the land into healing mode. The main reason farmers are reluctant to grow organic is the perceived cost, labor and the ongoing myth that organic yields less than synthetic. This is simply inaccurate… Sure, it takes time to transition off an IV drip of synthetic nutrients, but solutions like Hydro Bio now exist to bridge the gap.