Animal production needs overhaul

Whether you are a vegan or a devoted carnivore, we should all agree that animals must be treated with respect and consideration during their time on this earth. The industry must realize that animals have the right to live healthy lives, even if for the purpose of production. The current model in Animal agriculture emphasizes the production part and neglects the animal part. 

Abuse of antibiotics and hormones is commonplace to ensure livestock grow quickly and make it to the slaughterhouse, regardless of the state of their health when they arrive. These pharmaceutical drugs are necessitated by stressful living conditions and inadequate nutrition. Due to this misuse, we have seen the frightening rise of antibiotic resistant pathogens and other human health threats. The frustrating disconnect here is that a naturally healthy animal equates to superior byproducts - whether it is milk, eggs, or meat. 

The issue for farmers has always been a lack of effective alternatives to the status quo. ALC Bio Innovations Inc identified this problem 5+ years ago and was determined to formulate a natural feed additive that could greatly enhance health, vitality and quality of life. Our R&D team utilized organic ingredients that could reduce the dependency on antibiotics AND hormones. We combined and fermented the natural ingredients in a way that would build beneficial microbial balance in the gut, rather than disrupt it. 

Early results with Vital Humic™ animal biostimulants have shown a significant decrease in mortality rates, increased weight gain, and enhanced quality of life. When fed in micro-doses with feed or water on a daily basis, it provides superior nutrition and combats potential pathogens. These results should not be surprising, considering the extensive studies on how humic substances can benefit animal health. 

ALC Bio Innovations Inc is excited to shape the future of the industry, helping farmers transition away from old practices to our certified organic supplements. It is time to make the change… your bottom line and your animals will thank you!