Desert Reclamation Project

ALC Bio Innovations Inc teams up with SOZO Agriculture on a desert reclamation project in Caliente, Nevada. 

This exciting three-year project involves transforming growing conditions on 10-acres of Rainbow Farms in the Nevada desert. ALC Bio Innovations Inc will utilize their expertise to enhance soil fertility on the plot by increasing organic matter and building the soil food web.

Vital Humic™ organic supplements will be utilized in conjunction with manure and cover crops to create a desert oasis that supports hemp cultivation. A desert plot that often sees summer temperatures upwards of 100 ℉ (37 ℃) will rely heavily on our fermented formulas to build microbial communities and add humic substances that can increase water holding capacity and prevent leaching. Vital Humic™ Hydro Bio will increase plant resistance to stressors, such as drought and heat. With little precipitation, this support will be necessary to keep the plants healthy through the intensity of the summer months. 

Going green takes on a new meaning for this project! ALC Bio Innovations Inc looks forward to working with Rainbow Farms to transform their land. Be sure to pay attention for progress updates from this exciting project!