Everything is Connected!

Why does Vital Humic™ work across several living species? Is it the same supplement for humans, animals, and plants? 

We get this question a lot! Vital Humic™ fermented supplements all use the same innovative formulation process that was developed over 10 years of R&D - 
Ferment, nanotize, & polarize. 

Where they differ is we use customized blends of probiotics based on the species we are serving. For instance, the probiotics used in our human supplements are based on the human microbiome. Whereas, our chicken supplement utilizes beneficial bacteria suited for the chicken microbiome. We also adjust the concentrations of ingredients depending on the purpose. 

From their tireless research, our R&D team realized the amazing powers that humic and fulvic acids have on detoxifying living systems. However, due to Humic acid’s powerful chelation properties, it is a difficult compound to stabilize and can often leave a void following the detox process. This issue led to the fundamental idea behind Vital Humic fermented supplements - What if we could tie bioavailable nutrients to the molecule and deliver it to the cell to replace the void of the toxin we were removing? Fulvic acid fulfilled the ‘delivery’ function. It has the ability to permeate cell walls and deliver nutrients directly to the power centers of the cell. Sea kelp was chosen to provide the full array of nutrients that we could ferment and tie to our new humic-based molecule. Sea Kelp provides 60+ minerals, 17 amino acids, Vitamins A, B1, B6 (Niacin), B12, D, E, & K. 

Vital Humic™ became the delivery man and the garbage man all in one supplement! All from natural origin!

Whether you are a human, cow, or tomato plant - removing toxins, balancing ph, and providing all essential nutrients for healthy cell reproduction will greatly benefit overall health and vitality. Afterall, all living beings are made of similar composition, just arranged differently. 

Try Vital Humic™ today and start cleansing your system!