Fighting the overwhelming influence of Big Ag and Big Pharma

Operating in both the pharmaceutical and agricultural space, our team at Vital Humic™ has been exposed to the significant parallels between the two industrial complexes. The lesson - everything you're exposed to has been shaped and manipulated to be seen as essential and without replacement. Massive advertising budgets have been working for decades to tell you what you need, and the consequences of not having their products. Roundup ready crops, antibiotic abuse in humans and animals, and pharmaceuticals with a laundry list of side effects - are a few prime examples. 

We as a society are mentally indebted to these corporations and interests, We have been raised in their game of monopoly. A world where generational power and wealth control the narrative through lobbying and policy. A world where Round-Up can be found to cause cancer, yet still be used on food crops around the world. A world where there is a drug for everything… except for fixing the actual root cause of the issue. 

These industries have been corrupted beyond reprieve. They aren’t individuals we are talking about anymore, they are a capitalist machine that does not factor in the health of the living planet. This machine only has foresight when it comes to mergers and acquisitions but no foresight when it comes to the future of our species and the species we share this planet with. 

Vital Humic™ is David fighting multiple Goliaths. We built our company on the principles we share as human beings - promoting natural health and improving the sustainability of agriculture to feed the growing human population. We are real, raw, and unforgiving. We will not bend the knee to the corrupt powers of Big Ag and Big Pharma. We will only consider partnerships that give power to the masses and alter the status quo. You can help us make a dent by supporting our fermented supplements. You will not be disappointed by the quality of the alternatives we offer. 

We are #fermentingchange