Potent Anti-Viral: Humic acid

Humic acids have been found to exhibit potent anti-viral properties for a broad-spectrum of viruses in vitro. This includes influenza, HIV, HSV, and others. 

How does this mechanism work?

Humic acid binds to a virus via hydrogen bonding. The molecular structure of Humic acid contains functional atoms that bind to the charged atoms of the virus. 

Some humic acids actually have a greater affinity for binding to a virus than the virus has for binding to our human cells. Instead of the virus attaching to our cells, the humic molecule attaches to the virus. 

Without the virus attaching to the host cell, the virus can no longer reproduce and replicate. This function gives the immune system an opportunity to eliminate the virus or can starve it until it dies.

While best in a preventative capacity, Humic acids have even shown the ability to detach viruses from the living cell. This was shown in vitro with the herpes simplex viruses. 

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