"The Destroyer of Weakness" - Humic Substances

The word ‘human’ is derived from the latin, ‘humus’ - meaning of the earth.

What are humic substances?

Humic substances (humic and fulvic acids) are the final result of marine, freshwater, and soil organic matter degradation. The process is called ‘humification’ and still remains much of a mystery to the scientific community.

Vital Humic utilizes humic substances that are derived from Leonardite - which is formed by microbial and geological processes over millions of years. Imagine a prehistoric forest or lake ecosystem. Plants and animals are living, storing carbon, and dying. This carbon is concentrated and transformed over millions of years, eventually compressing into sedimentary layers. This process yields dynamic organic compounds that play crucial roles in the carbon life cycle. They offer numerous benefits to the living cell - helping optimize health and vitality.

What can humic substances do?

Enhance gut health: Humic and Fulvic acids create a perfect environment for probiotic bacteria to thrive and provide trace minerals to balance pH.

Detox the cell: Several studies have shown the ability of Humic and Fulvic acids to cleanse the living cell of pollutants- this includes mercury and some chemical pesticides found in food sources. One study found factory workers that were exposed to heavy metals benefited greatly from daily humic and fulvic acid supplementation.

Energy Levels: Humic and Fulvic acids have the ability to permeate cell walls, delivering vital nutrients to the mitochondria. It can enhance the ATP cycle and increase the uptake of oxygen by the cell.

Improve metabolism: Humic and Fulvic Acids have been shown to increase metabolism of carbs & proteins, which are more difficult to digest than fats.

Immune Boost: Humic and Fulvic acids increase trace mineral and vitamin absorption - which can help fuel immune functions.

Improve cognitive function: Humic and Fulvic acids were shown to dissolve proteins that harden with aging and interfere with nerves in the brain.

Skin Health: Humic and Fulvic acids can help to retain moisture and reduce the breakdown of collagen due to age-related ailments.

One of Nature’s best kept secrets!

Ayurvedic practitioners have been supplementing with humic substances (Shilajit) from the Himalayas for centuries. It was known to locals as the ‘conqueror of mountains’ and ‘destroyer of weakness’. It has also been said that Ghengis Khan used to feed Shilajit to his generals to keep them sharp before battle!

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