Vital Humic™ Agricultural Products - Input Approved for Organic Agriculture!

Vital Humic™ is extremely proud to announce that all our products designed for livestock nutrition and soil/plant nutrition are officially approved as inputs for organic agriculture by ECOCERT CANADA.

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This certification enables Vital Humic™ farmers to utilize our (10) products to transition away from synthetic chemicals towards high-yielding, high-margin, certified organic food.

Big agriculture is undergoing a necessary transition to producing clean food, however, farmers have had limited tools at their disposal to achieve this new reality without detriment to their current livelihoods.

Vital Humic™ is the answer they have been waiting for - offering dynamic inputs for use in organic agriculture. We have supplements for cows, pigs, chickens, horses, soil crops, hydroponic crops, manure treatment, water conditioning, and grain conditioning.